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We’re devoted to using our cleaning expertise to save you priceless time and energy.

Mega Megz Cleaners is a reputable cleaning company known for providing state-of-the-art house cleaning service in Denver, CO and surrounding areas. Our devoted cleaners, who are true specialists, will transform your home into an immaculate environment. They thoroughly inspect the area, plan how to do the task, and work quickly to remove debris, sanitize, vacuum, mop, and clean spaces that are rarely cleaned. What about your possessions? Don’t worry. You can be confident that you are always safe because we are bonded and insured. You can set a timetable and receive a quick and reliable residential or commercial cleaning service. Do you need anything else in particular? Let us know!

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The founder and owner of Mega Megz L.L.C., and an ambitious overachiever, Mego is a highly skilled administrative contractor with and years of experience in home improvement.


Owner and operations

With over 9 years experience as a business professional, Kristy is the official owner of Mega Megz Cleaners and specializes in customer gratification .


Executive housekeeper

Cleaning is her A-game. From countertops, tile, and grout to decluttering and organization, Natalie thrives on maintaining a spotless environment.



Raniah is a prime asset to our team with a background in great customer relations, and over 8 years of experience working in information technology fields.